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Ca$h Out “Ca$hin Out” [Benja Styles Uptemo Remix]

Just did a video edit for one of my favorite remixers Benja Styles.  He did a cool uptempo version of the song “Ca$hin’ Out” putting it nicely at 130 BPM!.  Read more…

Intergalactic Bang – RIP MCA

We lost a legend today. The Beastie Boys inspired me to try new things and not be afraid to stray from the mainstream.  “Paul’s Boutique” made me want to do what I do.  They found a way to make great music without trying to stay trendy…and still remained relevant.  I got to see them live a few years back in Philly and it was a great show.

Read more…

“Take Me Away” – Ashley Kirk & Knappy

Just released out new club track “Take Me Away”.  It’s available on itunes, Amazon, etc.  Check it out here.





Snoop Dogg – “Gin & Juice” [Engine #9 ReDrum]

New heat this week includes my exclusive Engine #9 ReDrum of the classic “Gin & Juice” by Snoop Dogg  Great for throwback sets, and college bars!

Engine #9 made THREE different Re-Drummed versions of this one: A Dirty Album edit and two different Clean Radio versions, all sold together as “Audio!” He made QuickMixes of all three and put ALL Six versions to video! QuickMixes are available in the SuperPacks! Preview is of the Dirty Album version. {Genres: Hip Hop, The 90’s}


Versions available:

  • Intro/Outro Album
  • Intro/Outro Radio 1
  • Intro/Outro Radio 2 (Squeaky Clean)
  • Quick Hitter Album
  • Quick Hitter Radio 1
  • Quick Hitter Radio 2
  • Audio and Video available for all mixes!

Get it today EXCLUSIVELY at

Earth Wind & File – “September” [Engine #9 Club Mix]

New heat this week includes my exclusive Engine #9 Club Remix of the classic “September” by Earth Wind & Fire.  Straightened up, sped up, and club ready.  Great for throwback sets, weddings and corporate events

Engine #9 brings you an exclusive club mix of “September,” the Earth, Wind & Fire hit of the late 70’s! SuperPacks include QuickMixes and BONUS tracks of quantized edits of the original track in both full and short lengths!! So you get FOUR exclusive audios or videos in the Audio or Video SuperPacks or ALL EIGHT in the Audio/Video SuperPack! EXCLUSIVE! {Genres: The 70’s, Funk/Soul, Pop/Rhythm, R&B}

Audio & VIDEO versions available.

Versions available:

  • Intro/Outro Original
  • Quick Hitter – Original
  • Intro/Outro Remix
  • Quick Hitter Remix
  • Audio and Video available for all mixes!

Get it today EXCLUSIVELY at


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